Best Floor Buffing Machines That You Can Go For

Best Floor Buffing Machines That You Can Go For
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To maintain a shiny and attractive floor one does require much more than simply a mop and a broom. Burnishing and floor buffing are considered to be two of the methods that can be used to restore the shine of different types of flooring. The types include marble, tile floors, and hardwood. While both of these methods are used to get glossy and shiny floors, the two of them are known to produce different results with the use of two different electrical appliances.

Buying Consideration

Some of the things that you need to remember while buying a floor buffer machine include:

  1. The size of the machine that you are going to buy is dependent on the size of the area that you are going to scrub.
  2. The abrasiveness of the buffing pads.

Best Products: Some of the best products that you can choose to buy include

Mercury Floor Machine High-Speed Buffer: This particular product is known to be reliable, high-speed in its operations and brown-out-free. The precision balanced all-metal chassis is known to help the user in maintaining pad pressure and also enables more consistent results.


  • This is a high-powered machine.
  • It is known to come with an interlocked safety switch.


  • The machine is a bit heavy to handle.

Clarke CFPTM Pro 17HD Polisher: This particular product is a versatile and high-performance floor polisher which is known to come along with a powerful 1.5 hp motor and 17-inch diameter round pad. This product is considered to be ideal for polishing, grinding, scrubbing and bonnet cleaning a floor. This product is known to operate at a speed of 175 RPM.


  • The machine is known to be very versatile.
  • This is made for heavy-duty


  • It is known to consume heavy electricity power.

Ewbank EP170 Lightweight Floor Polisher: This particular product is compact and extremely simple to use and is known to be suitable for all the types of bare floor surfaces. Its design which is particularly light-weight is known to provide the required mobility to all of those awkward areas around the home.


  • It is designed for all types of floor.
  • It comes with telescopic adjustable handles.


  • The buffing pads may cause issues.

All the products that are listed above are considered to be of great quality and thus, you can choose any one of them in order to polish your floor.

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