Crowdfunding for Adult Education

Crowdfunding for Adult Education
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Quality education forms the foundation of socio-economic a cultural development of any country. As for India, our numbers can be our greatest asset, with 1.32 billion people. Our greatest drawback, is that only a small percentage are able to afford quality expenses. Due to several reasons including poverty, lack of access and facilities, mindsets that except children to earn at young ages, and reduced female literacy, we have the largest population of uneducated adults in society. Nevertheless, it is possible to increase adult literacy by combining the effort of 1.32 billion people. Where monetary constraints are the primary reason holding us back, a crowdfunding India can make us financially stable.


Because crowdfunding harnesses the power of the masses to gain financial and social support for community initiatives – and an endeavour that encourages adult literacy surely fits the bill. For the uninitiated, crowdfunding websites are a unique technique to raise funds online through donations contributed by donors, or anyone who cares about a given cause. Using this method, people have raised funds for medical expenses, social enterprises & startups, environmental causes, and other nonprofits that work for different social causes.

Previously, many educational endeavours have been funded through Impact Guru for building schools, affording book & stationery, furniture, and expenses of hiring teacher, among many. By extending our expertise and service to improve the numbers of adult literacy in India, we at Impact Guru aim to provide the opportunity and platform to a crowdfunding India, so that each and every adult who has either missed the opportunity to study, or simply wishes to polish certain vocational skills, may have the financial bandwidth to do so.

Additionally, a crowdfunding India can assist in building a community of youngsters and adults that are prepared and polished in vocational skills, before they enter the world of employment.

Direct fundraising

Very often, low income groups are unable to pay for the accessories that you need in a school, such as tuition, books, and stationery.  You can start a campaign to directly raise funds to fuel these expenses for yourself or anyone else.

Social initiative to encourage adult literacy

There are many rural areas in India that lack access to proper schools. Through crowdfunding, you can set up a school, or even small workshops in remote areas, and give underprivileged adults a chance to learn.

Continue further/ higher education

It’s very common to find cases where students have studied till a certain grade, and then quit to take up a job and earn to pay for higher education. Crowdfunding is a great source to fuel higher education, without having to take that break.

Education awareness

Several adults from low income communities believe it is better for their children to learn some work and earn money on a daily basis, rather than invest in education. This mindset can be changed by spreading correct information and awareness about the importance of education in a modern society.

Encourage women’s education

In many parts of India, it is believed that women have no need to learn or be educated. Using the resources from crowdfunding cannot only help spread awareness and eradicate such a mindset, but also enable women to attend educational facilities and become financially independent.

By combining the efforts of the government in increasing adult literacy with crowdfunding activities, it can take us a step ahead in developing a stronger socio-economic and cultural nation. At Impact Guru, we hope to provide the opportunity to a crowdfunding India, so that each and every cause that encourages education-for-all, is supported financially.


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